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Agnès Wuyam: the world of Fashion

Agnès Wuyam offers ready-to-wear collections, evening wear, particularly feminine and sensual lingerie as well as very modern jewelry lines adorned with Swarovski crystals. 

Modernity, minimalism, chic sport and French elegance are the hallmarks of the creations of the Agnès Wuyam label. Her clothes are for dynamic, confident and confident women who like to show their difference in the urban jungle.

She graduated in 1996 from the Higher School of Design and Advertising in Lodz in the fashion design specialty. Already during her studies, she began her artistic and creative career.

Agnès Wuyam Interview

Since 1995, she collaborates closely with brands as a stylist and creator, she also develops her own collections.

Agnès Fashion EventLifestyle

Agnes Wuyam was awarded the “Best-seller of the Year 2015” statuette awarded by the magazine “Imperium Urody” in the Discovery of the Year category. And in 2016, she received the Trusted Company Award for Business Women’s Diamonds.

The designer organizes numerous fashion shows in France and Italy – Fashion Week Milan, fashion shows in the presence of the Polish Consul General in Lyon or at the Polish Embassy in Paris.

Agnès is invited to various events and demonstrations in the fashion world as well as charity balls. She was also part of the jury of the Fashion Model competition for Fashion TV Poland and Miss Wielkopolska.

She dresses Polish show business stars like actresses Karolina Nowakowska and Wiktoria Gasiewska, singer BeataKozidrak and journalists: Karolina Malinowska, Daria Pacanska as well as French fashion personalities like Gabano Manenc.

Questions to know the designer’s thoughts

1.Where did your passion for fashion come from and how did you manage to turn it into a profession?

It all started at the age of six. I always liked to draw. At the age of 14 I started to attend a drawing and painting course and later artistic studies I have been working in fashion for 20 years;) My brand is only 4 years old. Fashion is my love of life 😉

Agnès Wuyam Interview

2.Where do you take inspiration from to create the new collections?

I draw my inspiration from traveling, observing people, theatre, literature and visiting museums and galleries of arts.

3.Is there a material that recurs most in the collections or that inspires your creativity?

Yes of course I love artificial leather, silk, lace and soft knitwear. I like everything that is feminine and sexy.

4.In which context, event or time of day do you place your creations?

My collections are thought-out so that with the appropriate change of add-ons they can be used during the day and in the evening such a fun fashion.

5.The lockdown caused by Covid19 has slowed down the Fashion system 2020, how are you reacting?

Covid 19 blockade mobilizer me even more. I’m learning new things and trying to put them into practice Although sales are complicated but I’m trying to find other solutions 😉

Agnès Wuyam

More info about Agnès

Her activity has been recognized by numerous publications in Elle, Italian Vogue, articles in La Dépêche and Fashion magazine as well as publications in the digital fashion media and on social networks.

She is regularly interviewed by ATV television and is the subject of publications in the specialized press: IK media law buisiness quality, Media Elite and Moda i ja.

She is a fantastic, positive and strong woman! Don’t believe it? A big good luck for your future goals.

Credits Photos: Irek Lewandowski

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